The world's most expensive coffee

Courtesy: Coffee News100 pounds of green coffee from the famous Hacienda La Esmeralda in Panama recently sold for $601 per pound - making it the world's most expensive coffee. The 100 pound lot of coffee was sold in heated bidding at the Specialty Coffee Association of Panama auction. Jason Kew of Kew Specialty Coffee and Sydney Coffee Business, bought the top-scoring natural-processed Geisha from Hacienda La Esmeralda's Peterson family. The Peterson family is one of the top producers of Geisha coffee in the world. Green coffee from their farm has fetched prices as high as $350 a pound in the past.

Geisha coffee is know throughout the world for its delicate notes, sweet acidity and over-all excellence. It's also known as some of the most expensive coffee.

Don't expect to see this coffee available on your grocery shelves anytime soon. More than likely, the 100-pounds will be part of Kew's private collection.

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