An Incredible Coffee - Lot #10

Eureka - An incredible discovery.


Marco Rocchio discovers a unique coffee in a high altitude finca. What we hoped to find was in the last batch of 5 coffees from the farms surrounding the western valleys of Alta Verapaz. The dry aroma of the coffee, the taste and the follow were exquisite - from the freshly ground coffee we detected green apples, caramel. When hot water was added, we waited 12 minutes for the coffee to steep. We took our cupping spoon and broke the cap with three swift strokes: The aroma of Caramel! As I turned the table and tested each of the five samples, it became very clear: one of the samples was terrible. Two of the samples could be dark roasted in a big-box store. One was very good. But the one sample was incredible. As it cooled, we tasted notes of deep caramel, green apples and a sweet lemon follow. It was smooth and light in the cup.

From Marco: I imagined this green coffee in my hands, with Larry Mono and Marco Rocchio cupping coffee at Fedecovera Cooperative in natural wood-charcoal roaster: Maybe just another 15 to 20 seconds through first crack... maybe another 5 to 8 degrees hotter. No matter what, this is the coffee I will move heaven and earth to get into Southern California - into the Rocchio Coffee facility and to my customers and clients.

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