Don't die: Drink more coffee

Who says you can't live forever? Certainly not the scientists with the Hospital de Navarra in Pamplona, Spain. They say drinking a lot of coffee is connected to a lower risk of death. The researchers presented their findings to the European Society of Cardiology Congress held in Barcelona. According to the research, people who drank at least four cups of coffee a day had a 64% lower risk of death than those who never or almost never drank coffee. The research also found for participants who were 45 or older, drinking two additional cups of coffee was linked to a 30% lower risk of death. Of course the study didn't include people who played on the freeway, swam with sharks or tried to shop at a discount electronics store on Black Friday. The findings back up a pair of studies published earlier this year touting the benefits of drinking coffee. One of the studies found coffee was linked to a lower risk of death due to heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes and kidney disease.

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