Excellent coffee isn't forever

I just made myself an excellent espresso from a wonderful Nicaraguan Pacamara Peaberry coffee. I sample-roasted a pound of it 24 hours ago - it's amazing as so many Pacamaras are.

This organically grown coffee is from the Matagalpa region where I've visited many fincas. The farmers love to plant fruit trees around their coffee plants - the bees do the rest.

This Pacamara has amazingly complex notes of green apple, cinnamon, jasmine and honey. Rocchio Family Coffee Members will get this coffee in the next delivery cycle. It'll knock their socks off! And when this lot of Nicaraguan Pacamara is gone, that's it. It's gone. And next year, the trees may not produce a coffee this complex and flavorful.

So...it makes sense that when there's excellent coffee around - buy it. Savor it. Count your blessings that it's in your cup ... because excellent coffee is finite.

It doesn't last forever.


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