India Arabica Peaberry - suprisingly good

India isn't know for coffee. There are approximately 250,000 coffee growers in India; 98% of them are small growers. Quality is inconsistent. But every once in a while comes a gem. When I first tried the India Arabica Peaberry, I was expecting a musty, monsoon, overly water-soaked bean. The first indication that this was a special bean was when I opened the sack. There was a distinct aroma of sweet, dry grasses and flowers. In our hardwood charcoal roaster, I pushed the roasting temperature to 700-degrees and dropped in 7 pounds. 8 minutes later, I could smell the warm aroma of honey and nuts. The coffee was roasted to perfection in the Rocchio Family's 200-year old method and cooled naturally. The flavor is amazing: Notes of cocoa, honey and caramel. And like all Single Origin coffee - it will soon be gone. Buy Now


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