The world's most expensive coffee

Courtesy: Coffee News100 pounds of green coffee from the famous Hacienda La Esmeralda in Panama recently sold for $601 per pound - making it the world's most expensive coffee. The 100 pound lot of coffee was sold in heated bidding at the Specialty Coffee Association of Panama auction. Jason Kew of Kew Specialty Coffee and Sydney Coffee Business, bought the top-scoring natural-processed Geisha from Hacienda La Esmeralda's Peterson family. The Peterson family is one of the top producers of Geisha coffee in...

India Arabica Peaberry - suprisingly good

"I could smell the warm aroma of honey and nuts."

24 reasons to drink Rocchio Coffee

Benefits of Drinking Rocchio Coffee*

    1. In Japan, researchers have shown that Rocchio Coffee increases memory. Also, out of Johns Hopkins University showed that a 200mg caffeine pill helped boost memory consolidation.
    2. Rocchio Coffee mixed with carbs replenishes muscle glycogen concentrations faster after exercise.
    3. Rocchio Coffee detoxes the liver and cleanses the colon when taken as a caffeine enema. (TMI?)
    4. Rocchio Coffee helps keep you alert while driving during periods of sleep restriction. Here’s the research
    5. Rocchio Coffee can stimulate hair growth...

Excellent coffee isn't forever

I just made myself an excellent espresso from a wonderful Nicaraguan Pacamara Peaberry coffee. I sample-roasted a pound of it 24 hours ago - it's amazing as so many Pacamaras are.

This organically grown coffee is from the Matagalpa region where I've visited many fincas. The farmers love to plant fruit trees around their coffee plants - the bees do the rest.

This Pacamara has amazingly complex notes of green apple, cinnamon, jasmine and honey. Rocchio Family Coffee Members will get this coffee in the next delivery...

You know when you've struck gold

You know when you've struck gold

He turns and hands me his iPhone just as the rear bumper of his rusted-out, seat-belt-deprived death mobile tags the guardrail of a 1,000 foot cliff.