Here are Frequently Asked Questions that people have asked us over the years

  1. How soon after I order coffee do you roast and  ship? Typically we roast your order within 36 hours of receiving it.

  2. As a Rocchio Coffee Member, what coffee will I receive? Marco Rocchio has mico-lots of quality green coffee from places like Burundi, Komodo  and Papua New Guinea. He chooses something very special, roasts it by hand and sends it to you.

  3. How is my account charged for the Rocchio Coffee Memberships? The 3 Month Membership is charged to your account when you make your purchase. The Weekend Coffee Drinker is charged once a month, and the Coffee Drinker is charged each week. You may cancel your Membership at any time with a simple email to Rocchio Coffee. It is effective immediately.

  4. May I chose the coffee I receive? Yes. If there's a coffee you really enjoy, you may request it with an email to Rocchio Coffee. You may also request decaf. You will not receive decaf unless you request it.

  5. What is the best way to make coffee? There is no single "best way" to make coffee. Pour-over, French Press, espresso, or AeroPress are all excellent methods. The only bad way to make coffee is the K-cup.

  6. How much coffee and water should I use? A rule of thumb is 1 once of coffee to 16 ounces of water. 

  7. How is the AeroPress different than other coffee makers? The AeroPress uses a micro-filter and pressure to produce a very smooth, concentrated cup of coffee.

  8. Still have questions? Email us at Rocchio Coffee.


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