Coffee roasted by hand...

A little bit about us

We are local in Los Angeles and uniquely known for our 200 year old artisan roasting method - we give you a taste of Gallo Matese, Italy. With master roaster Marco Rocchio, our coffee is prepared with no more than 10 pounds per batch, and crafted with délicatesse and care. Roasted over hardwood charcoal, no gas, and no chemicals, using all our senses to craft the best natural roast of coffee. We deliver to order for the finest and freshest coffee.
The Rocchio tradition of roasting coffee has been passed down for many generations as a way to truly enjoy the journey of coffee. Below we have a family photo with Marco Rocchio held by his grandfather, 1959. Marco was taught how to prepare and roast coffee as a young boy by his grandfather. Through out life Marco has roasted coffee for family and friends, but now he has opened this wonderful method for the public to enjoy, by bringing old traditions into the new world of coffee.

Single Origin Coffee